Your needs

Do you need help with your Marketing and your brand?

Run a survey?

Attract and recruit more clients?

Improve your communication and PR?

Improve your Development Plan?

Organise a project for children and students?

Our goal

Our goal if to offer the best service and the best advise on the relevant marketing tools for

your brand, your company,

your school.


Your choice

During our first meeting,
we will listen
to your needs,

understand what is at stake for your business,

and offers a pro-active

& 1:1 approach.

Our solutions

The next steps will be to bring

our expertise, knowledge,

and dedicated tips and solutions

to your business

to make it grow.

& Branding

At Chelsea Marketing Consultant, we know how crucial it is to create and develop a strong and successful Brand.


We happily can help and advise on the "How to":

* build a successful brand,

* develop and improve a brand image,

* set up an efficient strategic marketing plan,

* intensify your existing marketing.


We also offer:

* Marketing Audit,

* Training for your SMT and staff,

* Marketing and Branding Workshops.


& Market research

Market Research is the backbone to your Marketing and Branding.


We will study what is necessary to
the development and success of your brand and advise on necessary surveys among your parents / clients.


Key studies can include:

* the new trends on the London Market or within Boarding Schools,

* the competitive exams and chances of success,

* the launch of new schools / after-school clubs,

* the key interviews within Education,

* and any relevant to your business.

& Ad

We will :

* help you to build an impactful ad,

* bring new ideas for an optimised and efficient communication,

* improve the image of your company, 

* increase the knowledge of your brand and image, among other business and people.


We can:

* improve your existing ad / communication,

* create a more impactful one, and relevant to your market an dedicated audience,

* revamp your website and your brand image.


We will work to increase your notoriety, through the best medias (printed and digital). 


We can aslo advise on your Internal Communication:

* how to run an efficient Open Morning,

* how to address to parents,

* how to brief your staff.

& Magazines

Investment in PR and Media Plan (printed and social) are essential to your development and rise to success.


We will:

* create a successful Media Plan, among your given budget, to develop the “buzz” and “word of mouth”

* optimise your Media coverage.


Our privileged knowledge of the publications and link with key journalists in the Education Sector, will also allow you to get the best rates and value for money, alongside a successful return on investment.

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